What we do.

(From $350 a day)

For musicians, our team of engineers have you covered, from voice recording to full bands and ensembles.

The studio is also open to engineers and producers, with flexibility to use your own equipment, drop in and record some grand piano or lay down drums in the city’s best drum room before taking the project back home.

The studio also has access to a versatile roster of session musicians to help bring your song to life. Contact us to find out more.



(From $500 a track)

Rec Studios mix service puts your recording in the safe hands of our chart topping mix team, along with a unique combination of vintage outboard and the latest high fidelity digital equipment, to give your mix unparalleled warmth and depth.

Submit your multi-track sessions via the cloud for the most affordable way to have your song mixed. Rec Studios has a long history of working with unsigned artists to break their sound onto radio, and our online mixing service provides a cost effective platform for younger acts to access high-quality mixing services. Our engineers deliver the same services as our attended sessions, mixing your track in exquisite detail through the studio’s world class audio equipment.



($99 a track)

Mastering is the critical final stage in the process of releasing your music.

Its the final polish, helping your track to be loud and punchy, and for an EP or album making sure that each song flows seamlessly while removing any audible faults, noises or clicks.

Whether your recording is destined for the radio, club dance floor or iPod headphones, our mastering engineers will make sure it sounds its absolute best in all possible playback situations.

All available formats including DDP are available.

Contact us for the latest specials on single, EP and album packages. We also offer songwriting and full production services as well as hourly and full day rates available with or without an engineer.

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