About our studios.


Built in 1954 as EMI Studios Australia, the famed 301 Castlereagh St address has remained a thing of legend in Australian music. From day one, the studio and it’s engineers have been at the forefront of innovations, from the first stereo recordings to pioneering the digital format.
Since re-opening in 2011, the REC Studios team have kept the story alive, working with some of the world’s biggest artists while maintaining a focus on independent music, making it affordable for local musicians to have access to world-class production.

We’ve listened to the needs of the modern producer, and while our studios retain their classic charm from the days when Bob Dylan & Elton John were strolling through the doors, we’ve also integrated an ultra modern hybrid setup to bridge the gap between vintage vibe and present day functionality.

Along with 32 inputs, the tastiest vintage preamps and compressors and a high-end microphone collection, 2018 sees a new inline workflow and wiring harness, doing away with endless studio patching once and for all. Channel 1 at the wall goes directly into Preamp 1 and in turn Macbook Input 1. It’s even simpler than it sounds.

With a large control room, two tracking rooms and a separate isolation booth, the studio can cater to a wide range of musical situations, including tracking a full band live, while maintaining individual instrument isolation. To compliment this, we have a collection of spectacular instruments including a Yamaha C5 grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ and 1960’s Ludwig drum set, along with other classic guitars and amplifiers available for use on your recordings.

Check out studio footage of X-Factor’s Taylor Henderson recording at Rec.

For electronic producers and songwriters, the studio offers a flexible (Macbook friendly) plug and play set up to have your session running in minutes.

While you still have access to our amazing selection of microphones and instruments you have the comfort of working on your own system.

Many producers take advantage of this same plug and play system to finalise mix downs and masters on our high-end audio monitors.

Add your name to the ranks of artists including Skrillex, Duke Dumont, Rae Sremmurd, Mø and George Maple who have penned releases here at REC.

Full studio spec sheet here.



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